Weather, Safety & Insurance: Hot Weather Tips

The contents of this page have been taken from an SCA (Sydney Cricket Association) document.

Hydration tips

Preparation for competing on hot and/or humid days


  • Experts believe that as little as a 1-2% decrease in the body’s fluid levels can be enough to negatively affect performance through a drop in energy levels, decision-making and your body’s ability to cool-down.
  • Prolonged dehydration in hot and/or humid conditions may increase risk of heat stress.
  • This document is intended as a brief checklist to assist athletes that are at risk of dehydration. For more detailed advice it is recommended that athletes speak to a medical expert or sport scientist.

Days leading up to game day

  • Aim for 3L of water on each of the 2 days prior to the game.
  • Consider adding salt to food and electrolyte formula (i.e. “gastrolyte” or “hydralyte”) to drinks if it is very hot/humid.
  • Minimise alcohol, a known diuretic.
  • Use urine colour to check hydration status.
    • Clear urine = good hydration
    • Dark yellow urine = dehydration

Game day

  • Upon waking have 1-2 glasses of water.
  • Over the course of the morning aim to drink 4-6 glasses of fluid (water or sports drink best). If you suffer badly from cramps add some salt or electrolyte formula to drinks.

During the game

  • Look for all opportunities to ingest fluids
    • Add extra scheduled breaks.
    • Water or sports drinks are recommended.
  • Look for every opportunity to cool down
    • Use of ice vests/cooling fans where possible.
    • Recover in shade where possible.
  • Be aware of heat stress
    • If athlete shows signs of heat illness (exhaustion, cramps, dizziness or collapse) seek immediate medical support.


  • Weigh athlete after game to measure fluid loss.
    • 1kg weight loss = 1L fluid loss. Aim to drink 1.5 x fluid lost in the 4-6 hours afterward (water or sports drink best). Athlete should have returned to pre-competition weight within 6 hours.
  • Use ice baths or cold showers post-match to cool the body down and assist recovery.
  • Minimise intake of caffeine and alcohol.