Wet Weather Procedure for HK&HDCA Competitions

Please read below for procedures regarding the Junior Competition, Senior Competition and Representative Cricket.

First and foremost, please be aware of our duty to take care of all grounds and facilities when making a decision on whether play should proceed. Furthermore, player safety should always be paramount in any decision made.

In the Junior Competitions, all players/parents/managers/officials should proceed to the ground where a decision will be subsequently made. In some instances the Ground Closures Page may be updated on Friday afternoon, particularly if there has been ongoing inclement weather and / or the Respective Councils have closed the ground/s.

In the Senior Competitions, a message regarding Saturday's play will be placed on the Ground Closures Page by 11.00am on Saturday morning. Currently it is difficult to assess and update ground conditions for Sunday matches and players should proceed to the ground and subsequently decide whether the ground is fit for play. Alternatively, please visit the Member Clubs page and contact the Opposition Club's Secretary who may be able to assist in contacting the opposition captain so that a decision can be reached to call play off at an earlier time.

In the Representative Competitions, all players / parents / managers / officials should proceed to the ground, where a decision will be subsequently made by the Official Umpire/s. Please be aware that all turf games are allocated a back-up "astro-turf" ground, in the event of wet weather and / or ground closures does not allow the game to commence on the turf-wicket. Please note all home turf-wickets will most likely have covers, which will require removal early in the morning. The respective Team Manager will be fully informed of the "covers removal" policy.

Additionally, you may wish to contact The Hills Shire wet weather line - 9843 0354, which may provide more information relevant only to The Hills Shire grounds.